Good Stand Features

What Makes A Good Mic Stand?

When evaluating a mic stand, here are a couple of things to look for.

Ask these questions, before deciding which stand to buy.

What type of mic will be used?

It you plan to use the same mic, or mics of the same size, then you will only need to take into consideration one weight. If you plan to use multiple mics of different sizes, you need to be sure that the clutch (the control that allows you to adjust the stand height) and the counterweight (the weight on the opposite end of the boom arm from the mic clip) will handle your heaviest mic.

Using a stand with a clutch that won’t support the mic weight will allow the mic to lower itself at the most inopportune time. The lack of a counterweight that won’t support a heavy microphone will eventually lead to stripping of the adjustment mechanisms. You also need to be sure that the stand base is heavy enough to support the mic. Remember that when using a boom stand, extending the boom arm further from the upright will require either a heavier base for the stand or a larger tripod base.

Make sure that your stand will adjust to the highest possible height that the mic might ever need to reach. Some desk stands have height adjustments, while others are fixed height.

Do you need to carry the stand around or pack it into a road case or truck. If the mic stand is going to be moved, a folding base is usually better. If the stand will remain in the same location, you may prefer a round base stand.

Is the stand going to be used by a vocalist who may move towards and away from the stand? If so, then a round base stand may suit your needs better, as it is less likely to get in the way of the performer, particular if it is someone who is wearing high heeled shoes.

If you are using wireless handheld mics for singers, then consider using a spring-loaded clip to allow for quick removal and replacement of the mic from the stand.

Finally, ask yourself if you really need a stand at all. If the mic is going to be used on a drum kit, an onstage amplifier, a musical instrument or a podium you might want to consider a mic clip rather than a stand. Its cheaper, weighs less, packs up quicker and doesn’t take any stage space. is your source for gaffers tape, duct tape, safety tapes, and more.
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