Miking A Drum Kit

Need To Mic A Drum Kit?  Here’s How The Pros Do It
Short boom stand from Goodbuyguys.com

Snare Drum-Use a short boom stand to get close to the snare drum head.

Boom Mic Stand From Goodbuyguys.com

Rack & Floor Tom Toms-Use a tall boom stand to reach between cymbal stands.

Boom desk mic stand from Goodbuyguys.com

Kick Drum-Use a small base boom stand to get the microphone inside the drum.

Boom Mic Stand From Goodbuyguys.com

Overhead/Cymbals-Use a tall boom with a long boom arm to place mics over the kit.

Microphone stand goose neck from Goodbuyguys.com

Goosenecks-Flexible goose necks attach to almost any stand to extend reach.

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