The Round Base Lives On

round base mic stand from

With as many options available as there are now in tripod based mic stands, you might think that the lowly round base stand, around for decades, might fall by the wayside. Not so.

While much less portable, the round base has one big advantage over tripod based stands that will keep it with us forever.

The weight in the base means that the footprint for the base of the stand can be much smaller than for a tripod stand that needs the same level of stability.

You may lose the portability and “packability” of a tripod base, but having a smaller footprint can make a difference on a crowded stage.

Less obvious, but perhaps more important, round bases don’t present the tripping hazard to moving performers that a tripod base does.

Heavy and unwieldy as it may be, the round based mic stand is probably with us forever., your source for gaffers tape, batteries, extension cords, tie line and lots more.

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