Mic Stand Accessories

Accessories That Make Every Mic Stand More Useful

Mic Stand Cable Clamp
Table Clamp-Mount a mic clip on a gooseneck or a table


Dual Microphone Stereo Bar
 Stereo Bar-Mount multiple mics on a single microphone stand


drum rim microphone clamp

Drum Rim Clip-Mount a mic directly on a drum-No stand required


Butterfly-style quick release microphone clip

Quick Release Mic Clip– Butterfly style clip holds most microphones


Wireless mic clip

Wireless Mic Clip-Specifically designed for holding wireless microphones


Rubber mic clcip

Rubber Mic Clip-Flexible design to hold microphones of different sizes


Microophone Pop Blocker

Pop Blocker-Stops annoying popping “P’s”


mic stand camera mount adapter

Camera Mount-Universal fitting turns a mic stand into a camera tripod


Mic mounting flange-black

Microphone Mounting Flange-Mount a mic clip or gooseneck on any surface


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